Storm Damage Repairs

The devastation to your Ohio property after major storms, including tornadoes, can be anywhere from mild to catastrophic. Damage caused by winds, rain, hail, and flooding can include:

  • Roofs - missing shingles to torn away roofs
  • Exterior walls - broken or bent siding to missing walls
  • Windows & doors - broken windows and/or doors
  • Water - water from rain or flooding

Our professional team can quickly arrive on the scene, review the damages, work with your insurance company, and begin the storm damage repairs. These services include:

  • Securing property by boarding up windows and doors
  • Providing temporary waterproofing with tarps on roofs and siding
  • Removing fallen trees from your Ohio home or business
  • Installing rental generators to ensure you have adequate power

Cleveland Ohio Restoration is your source for professional storm damage repairs; call us at 678-216-4014 today to learn more.